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Construction phase

Here you will find an overview of the new INTEWA company building in Aachen. Take a 360° view of the construction phase, see for yourself the technologies we use and get an idea of our supporting companies.



Construction documentation 360°

Throughout all the construction phases of our new company building, we took 360° pictures again and again. In this way, visitors can take a virtual tour of our entire building on their PC anywhere in the world, from the first excavations to the finished offices.


Construction pictures



Sustainability is an important topic for the construction and real estate industry. But how comprehensively and cost-effectively can this actually be implemented in terms of energy and water neutrality in a company building? We show this with our new company building on Hüls.





Supporting Companies

Before, during and after the actual construction process, many companies supported us from building design, deep drilling and electrical installations to automation and our core technologies in our new company building.