Heat pump

Due to the very low energy consumption resulting from the use of the ventilation system with heat recovery, the external insulation and the low temperature underfloor heating, a brine/water heat pump from Tecalor was selected. Small instantaneous water heaters were installed to heat the hot water in the hand basins. This allows the flow temperature of the heat pump to be kept very low in order to achieve optimum efficiency. In summer, the circulation pump can run in cooling mode to achieve a temperature reduction via the underfloor heating. At the same time, the heat source (deep drilling) is heated up, which is beneficial for efficiency in winter.

Brine / water heat pump

  • TTF 13 cool with 13.21 kW nominal power
  • Buffer tank: 1000 l
  • Flow temperature < 30
  • Return flow temperature: 23
  • Annual coefficient of performance: 5,78