Applied technologies

Here you will find an overview of all technologies integrated in the INTEWA company building.



Drinking water from rainwater

This plant is probably the first in Germany to use rainwater as drinking water for commercial purposes.


Process water from small sewage treatment plant

By means of the AQUALOOP technology, the effluent water from the fully biological CFP compact treatment plant is further processed to process water quality.


Process water from green roof

The run-off water from the green roof is collected, used to research different cleaning methods and then reused.


Stormwater infiltration

The infiltration coefficients on the INTEWA property lie between 108 and 109 m/s and are therefore unsuitable for infiltration through a ditch. But...



The photovoltaic system is located on the roof of the hall in an east-west orientation in order to cover the company's daily requirements as optimally as possible.


Ventilation system with enthalpy heat exchanger

An 800 m³/h ventilation system with heat recovery was installed on each floor of the office building.


Home automation

For building automation, INTEWA relied on the company ambihome and the KNX building automation system.


Heat pump

A brine/water heat pump was chosen because of the very low energy requirement due to the use of different technologies.


Floor heating

With thermodämm, a manufacturer of underfloor heating systems was selected from the immediate vicinity (Übach-Palenberg).


Deep drilling

The energy for the heat pump for heating in winter and cooling in summer comes from the ground.


Unsealed traffic areas

For the traffic areas, INTEWA opted for a solution with TTE plastic grass panels.

All information collected and prepared for a press article, you will find here.