Ventilation system with enthalpy heat exchanger

Ventilation system with enthalpy heat exchanger

An 800 m³/h ventilation system with heat recovery as enthalpy heat exchanger was installed on each floor of the office building. Heat exchangers with membranes transfer both temperature and humidity to ensure a pleasant room climate. The system ensures pollen and dust-free supply air, an optimal oxygen supply and minimisation of external noise pollution. The system saves over 50% of heating and cooling energy.

Energy requirement without / with heat recovery

  • Energy requirement for heating without: 18,631 kWh/a with: 9300 kWh/a
  • Energy requirement cooling without: 6,813 kWh/a with: 3400 kWh/a
  • Heat output without: 41.2 W/m² with: 18.7 W/m²
  • --> 50% energy saving

Working principle (procedure)

Summer: Cooling of the warm outside air + humidity compensation

Winter: Warming up the cold outside air + humidity compensation