Potable water from rainwater

INTEWA collects the run-off water from the hall roof in a 30 m³ food-safe fibreglass tank to treat drinking water for the company using AQUALOOP technology. This is probably the first plant in Germany to use rainwater as drinking water for commercial purposes. The water is regularly sampled by a recognised laboratory. The cistern is also to be used simultaneously as a retention tank for heavy rainfall events.  The aim for the future is to continue to use the excess water sensibly or to evaporate it in order to make a further contribution to climate protection.

Rainwater yield hall roof

Approx. 380 m³ / year

Rainwater consumers

  • approx. 40 m³/ year
  • Water, coffee, tea
  • Hand washbasin
  • Sink, dishwasher, cleaning
  • Replenishment of process water from sewage treatment plant


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  1. PURAIN Filter
  2. PLURAFIT Inlet calming device
  3. Submersible motor pump
  4. Rainwater tank
  5. Wall penetration
  6. AQUALOOP membrane tank
  7. AQUALOOP clear water tank
  8. AQUALOOP expansion tank
  9. RAINMASTER Suction
  10. RAINMASTER Favourite SC
  11. INTEWA UVC unit
  12. Expansion vessel