Multiple recycling and heat extraction of greywater

MULTILOOP demonstration system

The goal of the current research project MULTILOOP (1.6.2019 bis 31.5.2022), is the development of a modular and scalable prototype, which treats shower water in such a way, that it can be used again for showering. The water is treated in accordance with the drinking water ordinance. Thus, the same water can be reused several times, with the aim of closing the water cycle as far as possible and utilizing the energy potential of the hot water at the same time. The goal is to save about 85% of the water- and 67% of the energy consumption. (at: PW&WW with 6,00/m³, 30 kWh with 0,5 €/m³=> 15,15 €/m³=> at 60 m³/year (4 persons) => 909,00 saving/year)



  1. PURAIN pre-filtration
  2. Biological treatment in a MBBR (=moving bed biofilm reactor)
  3. Ultrafiltration with AQUALOOP membrane with a pore size < 0,02 µm
  4. AOP (= advanced oxidation process) using a non-thermal-plasma unit
  5. Activated carbon filtration
  6. UV-disinfection