Deep drilling

Earth probe: heat source - soil 

The energy for the heat pump for heating in winter and cooling in summer comes from the ground. For this purpose, the company Erdbohr Wesel drilled 2 deep boreholes, each 100 m deep, and equipped them with two geothermal probes. With the geothermal probe, heat is extracted from the ground and transferred to the heat exchanger at the evaporator of a heat pump.


  • 2 x 99,99 m
  • 13,21 kW Heating capacity
  • 10,4 kW Extraction power
  • 150 mm diameter
  • Use of the divining rod technique

The team from Erdbohr invited us to try the divining rod. We were amazed to be allowed to experience this old technique in times of GPS and laser on construction sites. It works!